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My name is Magdalena Florczak and I am the founder of Elite Aesthetics – a clinic that has been offering personalized care to clients living in central Scotland since 2016. I am a highly qualified specialist in aesthetic medicine who has participated in a number of advanced training courses in Great Britain, Poland and other European countries. I specialize in treatments with lasers, tissue stimulators, hyaluronic acid, fibrin and platelet-rich plasma, plasma pena, and PDO and COG threads. Since 2014, I have also focused my interests on permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation. Every day I help my clients achieve their aesthetic goals and feel good in their own skin. Day after day, I make every effort to ensure that my clients enjoy the extraordinary and long-lasting effects of my work. I approach each client individually and provide everyone with exceptional service. I always try to emphasize the natural beauty hidden in each of us. I encourage you to read the detailed description of the treatments and the photo gallery in which I share the effects of my daily work.

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