Let’s continue with the mesotherapy. Today couple of words about Soft lift treatment 
Soft lift is a modern concept of revitalization the skin of the face, neck, cleavage and hands. The substance used guarantees the proper level of skin hydration, elasticity and tension, as well as determines the freshness of its appearance and vitality. In Soft Lifting, we cover a large area of facial skin. We obtain a two-phase effect: modelling the oval of the face as well as increased skin tension, and intense hydration and stimulation of collagen reconstruction. The facial skin gains an additional scaffolding, a mesh that nourishes, supports and shapes it
Improving face contour
Rounding the cheeks
Reduction of the so-called “Hamster”
Raising the falling corners of the mouth
Skin revitalization
Rapid hydration improvement
Improvement flexibility and tension
Smoothing out fine wrinkles
Addition of radiance and rejuvenation 

Feel free to ask me anything that concerns you about this treatment